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12 Best Theme Parks in Europe

Published Tuesday, Jul 20

Europe is home to some of the most popular theme parks in the world, from Disneyland Paris to Alton Towers.

There are theme parks for all ages and interests, so it’s not hard to find one that suits you.

In this article, we will show you 12 theme parks in Europe that are worth visiting!

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1. Disneyland Paris – France

DisneyLand Paris

Disneyland Paris is one of the theme parks in Europe that started it all.

Opened in 1992, this theme park has been copied by parks around the world but still attracts millions of visitors every year with its charming atmosphere and family friendly attractions.

With a castle at each end of Main Street USA, you can see how Disneyland Paris was inspired by Disney’s first theme park – Magic Kingdom Park in California!

With famous rides like the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Space Mountain it’s no surprise that this theme park is one of the best in Europe.

If you are planning to visit with younger kids they will love the theme park’s Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, Alice in Wonderland maze and of course, meeting all their favorite Disney Princesses.

Disneyland Paris is definitely one of the best theme parks in Europe for anyone traveling with family, and especially younger kids! 

2. Europa Park – Germany

Europapark Germany

Europa Park is a large amusement park in Germany, the largest the be exact!

It is a great park for thrill seekers with 12 large rollercoasters and many other fast rides.

Europa Park has a theme of European cultures with replicas of buildings from different countries and the park is divided into themed areas such as Adventure Land, Mediterranean Harbor, Fantasy Island or Grand Canyon Dunes.

Europa Park also features more than 50 attractions that are perfect for younger kids including small rollercoasters like Condor or merry-go-rounds like The Dragon!

Visitors can enjoy their time at Europa Park by enjoying one of its two large water parks – Aqualandia and Dolphin Waterpark.

If you’re looking an amusement park in Europe to be entertained all day Europa Park should definitely be on your list!

3. PortAventura – Spain

PortAventura - Spain

This theme park is one of the most popular theme parks in Europe and can be found on Spain’s Mediterranean coast.

PortAventura was opened in 1995, which makes it a relatively young theme park but nonetheless has become extremely successful!

If you’re looking for an amusement park with lots to do then this should definitely be your destination as PortAventura features many attractions like:

Dragon Khan – Europe’s tallest steel roller coaster, Maya The Bee: Kingdom Of Honey or Dolphin Bay.

At night time visitors can experience Drachen Fire (fireworks), water fountains that light up at every beat of music played, and even see the stars thanks to its Planetarium show.

4. Tivoli Gardens – Denmark

tivoli gardens

Tivoli Gardens theme park is one of the oldest theme parks in Europe, having opened its gates back in 1843.

This Danish theme park has two different sections – an amusement park and a garden full of flower beds with many beautiful colors!

Visitors at Tivoli Gardens can enjoy this theme park by going on some traditional attractions like swings or getting lost among the various flowers.

There are also other things to do at Tivoli Gardens such as enjoying live music concerts or dining at any of their restaurants where guests have been coming for over 160 years now!

For rides, there’s plenty to choose from including rollercoasters, a Ferris Wheel, carousel and more so that all age groups will have fun exploring what it has to offer.

Tivoli Gardens is also home to the world’s oldest still-operating roller coaster – The Flying Trunk from 1883.

You can’t visit Denmark without visiting Tivoli Gardens!

5. Futuroscope – France

Futuroscope Family Fun

Visitors to France will be able to enjoy one of the most famous theme parks in Europe, Futuroscope!

This theme park features attractions like high-tech films and rides which are perfect for children.

In total, there’s more than 75 different activities available including theater shows, interactive games or a visit at the Space Museum Planetarium that is home to an original Hubble telescope!

Futuroscope also has two large water parks – Aquasplash and Tropical Islands with many slides and other things for guests to enjoy all day long.

There are even theme restaurants where visitors can try French cuisine while watching live cooking stations from across the world!

What could possibly make this theme park any better? Well it’s also open 365 days a year and has the world’s largest theme park screen with more than 5000 square meters!

6. Walibi – Belgium

Walibi Belgium

This theme park is well-known for its large collection of theme rides and roller coasters.

Walibi is located in Wavre Belgium, which makes it one of the most popular theme parks in Europe as many people come to visit from different countries!

With so much variety there’s something for everyone at Walibi such as families with children or teens who are looking for thrill while enjoying live shows on stage as well.

Walibi has many famous rides including Popcorn Revenge, and Loup Garou that all thrill seekers will love!

7. Efteling – Netherlands


This theme park in The Netherlands is known for its fairy tale theme and has been open since 1952.

Efteling isn’t just a theme park but also an amusement center with many things to do like visiting the Fairy Tale Forest or going on any of their exciting rides all day long!

There’s no shortage of attractions at this theme park as there are more than 35 different activities that can be enjoyed by visitors including live theater shows, creative workshops, interactive games and so much more!

With such a variety, it won’t matter what age groups you have when coming to visit Efteling because there will something available for everyone.

8. Alton Towers – UK

Alton Towers

Alton Towers theme park is located in the UK and has over 30 different rides that are perfect for all age groups.

This theme park offers two main sections – a family-friendly area called Happy Valley with live shows, interactive games, playgrounds and other attractions that are fun for kids to enjoy while also having an adrenaline side of things as well called Xscape where there’s plenty of thrilling rollercoasters!

Alton towers is famous for coming up with new and exciting rides before the rest of the industry.

If you’re looking for something unlike anything you’ve experienced before Alton Towers is a great place to go!

Alton Towers also has a waterpark with slides and water rides that will help you cool down on hot summer days!

9. Parc Asterix – France


Parc Asterix theme park is in France and is known for its theme which revolves around the comic book hero Asterix.

This theme park has a wide variety of rides that all target different age groups so there’s something for everyone!

There are also many attractions such as live shows, food court with desserts made fresh daily and souvenirs shops to purchase gifts from.

With more than 20 rides this theme park offers plenty of things to do while having fun exploring what it has to offer.

In addition, Parc Asterix also features four themed villages where you can view decorations, and costumes on display or try out traditional French cuisine at one of their restaurants!

There’s no shortage of interesting, unique activities here!

10. Pleasure Beach – Blackpool UK

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach theme park is in the UK and has been open since 1899.

This theme park offers many different rides for people to enjoy such as rollercoasters, water slides, themed rides and so much more!

The theme of this theme park revolves around a beachy atmosphere with plenty of sand everywhere that makes riders feel like they’re actually at an ocean while on some of their rides.

For those who are looking for something different Pleasure Beach also offers laser-tag arenas where players will need strategy along with quick reflexes when playing against others – it’s perfect entertainment for friends or family!

In addition, there’s also live music concerts which take place every night from May through September!

This theme park is perfect for thrill-seekers looking for fun on the high seas!

11. LEGOLAND Billund – Denmark

LegoLand Billund

LEGOLAND theme park in Denmark is known for its theme which features the Lego company’s iconic building blocks.

This theme park offers many different attractions that will excite all age groups and make this a one-of-a-kind experience!

There are more than 60 rides, shows, interactive games and so much more to enjoy while visiting here.

Some of the popular rides at LEGOLAND include The Dragon Roller Coaster where riders get put on an open cart before getting spun around high up in the air, or Miniland – Kids World where children can have fun playing with life size Lego figures made from real bricks!

12. The Prater – Austria


The Prater theme park is in Austria and has been open since 1873.

This theme park offers a wide variety of rides for all age groups to enjoy such as rollercoasters, bumper cars, live shows with music, restaurants and more!

With a much more olden time feel, this park is laid back and easygoing for people to enjoy.

In addition, this theme park also features other activities like an amusement arcade where you can play games or win tickets – which are then redeemable for prizes at the end of your visit.

There’s no shortage of things to do here so make sure that The Prater will be on your list if visiting Europe!

Due to its location, next to Vienna it makes a great stop before continuing onto another destination while staying within close proximity.

With many attractions waiting it won’t disappoint!

Europe is home to some of the most popular theme parks in the world.

With so many theme parks located across this continent, there’s something for everyone!

Whether you’re looking for a theme park that features your favorite comic hero or one themed around Lego building blocks, Europe will not disappoint.

Make sure to visit these 12 best theme parks in Europe and exploring all they have to offer – they won’t let you down! And be sure to check out Destinations Travel Guide for all your vacation needs!


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