Best Places to Camp In Glacier National Park

The Best 14 Places to Camp in Glacier National Park

Published Monday, Jul 19

Glacier National Park is a large park in west-central Montana and contains over 1,000 lakes.

One of the most spectacular features of Glacier National Park are its glaciers. There are 26 named glaciers that can be found in this beautiful national park.

It has been said that those who have seen it once will want to see it again and those who haven’t seen it yet should go as soon as possible!

What makes these campsites so great? Keep reading to find out more about the best places to camp in Glacier National Park!

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1. Mary Campground

St Mary Campground Glacier Park

This campground is open year-round and offers a variety of different camping sites.

The west side has campsites that are shaded by pines, giving you some relief from the heat in summer months.

On the east side, there are more sunlit areas as well as those with lots of trees for shade during hot days.

There is a creek that runs through this campground and there are many hiking trails, too!

One of the best things about St. Mary Campground is that you can get right up to the St. Mary Lake and paddle around or go fishing on it!

There are also public restrooms, drinking water, a dump station for your RV’s waste tanks as well as picnic tables for you to enjoy with family and friends.

2.  Avalanche Campground

Avalanche Campground Glacier National Park

This campground is open year-round and offers a variety of campsites that are available for you to rent.

It’s located on the west side of the park with access to Going-to-the Sun Road, which means it will take longer to get there.

Avalanche Campground has great spots near shorelines as well as sites further back from the water.

All these different options make this one of the best places to camp in Glacier National Park!

It also provides some relief from bugs because they mostly hang out around lakes or streams so if you don’t like mosquitos or black flies bothering you when camping, then book the sites further from the shore!

There are plenty of hiking trails nearby too – perfect for those who love to explore.

There is a visitor center, public restrooms, drinking water and picnic tables in the campground for you so it’s easy to stay happy at Avalanche Campground!

3. Bowman Lake Campground

Bowman Camping at Glacier Park

A park favorite, Bowman Lake Campground is located west of the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

This campground has one section for tents and a lower section that can be reserved for RV’s to park in as well as some campsites with bathrooms nearby!

The lake itself is great because you can swim or fish there – but don’t forget your fishing license before heading out!

There are also many trails around this area so it’s a great option for those looking to spend a lot of time hiking!

But be careful, it’s easy to get lost exploring everything the thick forest has to offer!

You’ll love all of the amenities available at this campground including public restrooms, picnic tables and drinking water on site.

4. Rising Sun Campground

Rising Sun Campground Glacier Park

This campground is located in the southern part of Glacier National Park and it’s open from June through September.

There are plenty of spots for tents as well as RV campgrounds, making this campsite perfect no matter what kind of camping you prefer!

There are also many different types of sites available including walk-in or tent only sites, backcountry campsites and even a group site if you’re with a big family or crew.

Campsite reservations can be made up to 11 months in advance so don’t worry about not getting one while planning your trip!

The other great thing about Rising Sun Campground?

It has its own visitor center that offers public restrooms, drinking water (with refill stations), a dump station for your RV’s waste tanks, and picnic tables so you can make the most of your visit!

5. Kintla Lake Campground

Kintla Campground Glacier park

If you’re looking for a campground that is open during the winter and has lots of different types of campsites, Kintla Lake Campground might be just what you’re searching for.

There are plenty of sites available but they also offer overflow camping when it becomes too crowded so don’t worry about not being able to rent one!

There’s plenty of snowshoeing trails at this campground, too! And if you love fishing like I do, then come here because there are several lakes perfect for catching fish – especially in the summer months.

Public restrooms are located nearby as well as drinking water. No need to bring your own from home!

6. Sprague Creek Campground

Sprague Creek Glacier National Park 

With only 25 sites available, Sprague Creek Campground is a highly-coveted campground!

This Glacier National Park campground is perfect for those who love to hike and explore – there are more than 12 miles of trails here so you’ll never run out of new places to explore!

There’s a visitor center too if you need information or want a hot meal.

The campground also offers some great amenities like picnic tables, public restrooms and drinking water on site.

No need to worry if you forget something from home!

7. Apgar Campground

Apgar Camping Glacier National Park

If you’re looking for a campsite in the west of Glacier National Park then Apgar Campground might be perfect!

Apgar is the largest campground in Glacier National Park!

There are more than 100 campsites available and they have trees surrounding them so it’ll feel like you’re still secluded and alone in nature.

The campground is open from June to September; however some sites may become unavailable when there’s been rain or snow.

There are also trails leading out from here, making this an ideal spot if you love hiking too! There’s also drinking water on site as well as public restrooms.

8. Many Glacier Campground

Many Glacier Camp Ground

This campground is also one of the largest campgrounds in Glacier National Park and has a very large selection of different camp sites!

There are more than 100 campsites to choose from with a variety of different amenities including picnic tables, public restrooms and drinking water.

Some even offer electricity so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your battery chargers for all those devices.

But be careful because there’s no cell phone service here either which can make it tough if something goes wrong!

If you’re looking for some great hiking trails then this is also the spot for you – they’re close by and easily accessible from this beautiful campground.

The other thing I love about Many Glacier Campground? It offers family-friendly activities like nature walks, arts & crafts projects, and star gazing!

9. Fish Creek Campground

Fish Creek Campground

If you want a Glacier National park campground with lots of seclusion and nature, then Fish Creek Campground might be just what you’re looking for.

There’s over 100 campsites available here but they are very well maintained – there isn’t any garbage visible and the sites themselves feel nice and spacious.

You can even rent picnic tables if needed! There is also a visitor center nearby that has public restrooms, drinking water (with refill stations) as well as Wi-Fi so it’ll feel like home while camping out in Glacier National Park.

This campground has many trails that run through this area including the popular Two Medicine Pass Trail which starts at the Box Canyon parking lot about seven miles west of West Glacier, Montana.

There are also nightly programs offered at Fish Creek Amphitheater for guests to enjoy after their long day in the sun.

If you’re looking for a campground that’ll give you some peace and quiet, but also plenty to do then this is the place to go!

10. Two Medicine Campground

Two Medicine Campground glacier national park

This campground offers a variety of different campsites so there’s something for everyone.

There are sites that allow fires, tent only camping, and those with electric hookups!

There is also running water on site as well as public restrooms which can be found near the entrance.

Two Medicine Campground has been around since 1895 when it was originally used by Native Americans who would hunt in this area every year.

Today, though, you’ll find more people coming here to fish than anything else – they have several lakes perfect for fishing!

The best part about Two Medicine Campground?

It’s located right next to some beautiful mountains so no matter where you’re sitting or standing (even your campsite!) you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of a glacier mountain picture.

11. Cut Bank Campground

Cut Bank Camp Ground

If you’re looking for a campground in a remote area of the park then Cut Bank Campground might be just what you’re wanting.

This campground is perfect for those wanting to rough it. there is no running water, or public restrooms, and you have to drive down a 5-mile-long dirt road to get to the campsites.

There are no reservations allowed, all 13 of the campsites are first come first serve, and they are personally operated which means you’ll have a west glacier national park ranger nearby to answer any questions and make sure everything is taken care of.

What’s the best part about Cut Bank Campgrounds?

It offers peace, quiet, and solitude while still being within the west glacier boundaries so it won’t feel like you’re too far away.

And we can’t forget about the views! You’ll find yourself surrounded by mountains and trees as well as rivers that offer great fishing opportunities (just don’t forget your license)!

12. Quartz Creek Campground

Quartz Creek Campground

With only seven campsites, Quartz Creek is one of the smallest campgrounds at Glacier National Park.

Because of the small size and the fact that there is no running water available, camping at Quartz Creek will really make you feel like you are stepping back in time.

The best part about this Glacier National Park campground?

There is an excellent hiking trail on site called the Highline Trail which leads to a beautiful glacier overlook and it’s only five miles round trip!

Quartz Creek Campgrounds also has one of the most popular Glacier National Park hikes right outside its entrance – Cut Bank Pass Loop, so you won’t be too far away from some great activities while camping here.

13. Glacier Campground

Camping in Glacier National Park

If you’re looking for Glacier National Park camping with a lot of activities then this is the place to go.

Glacier Campground is in an area that’s close to many west glacier trails and it also has easy access to Going-to-the-Sun Road, which means more opportunities for sightseeing!

There are over 100 campsites available but not all allow fires or have electric hookups so be sure you know what your specific needs are before booking – there is someone on site who can help if need be!

Glacier Campground accommodates tent campers as well as those looking to stay in a cabin!

There is also a cute cafe on site called Sunflower Cafe that is available if your family wants to eat out during your stay.

This campground was first used by Native Americans as well, but today people come here mostly during summer months when they want an escape from everyday life.

14.  West Glacier KOA

West Glacier Camping

With over 300 west glacier national park campsites, West Glacier KOA is a great place to camp in the Glacier National Park area.

There’s an onsite grocery store so you won’t have to worry about packing food, and there are also showers available which come at no extra cost!

The best part of this west glacier campground?

The views – they’re amazing here with mountains all around. You’ll feel like you’re surrounded by beauty while staying here.

West Glacier KOA has been open since 1994 when it was originally founded by John Huling who wanted people to experience what camping is really like without any distractions (hence why it doesn’t offer Internet or cable TV).

It still operates under that same philosophy today and is host to many west glacier national park camping events like Bike the Bakken.

Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful places to camp!

Between the amazing views, sunsets, hikes, and wildlife, Glacier National Park is a wonderful place to explore with the entire family.

With all the different campground options available there is sure to be one that fits your camping needs!

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