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Best Beaches near key west Florida for all ages

Published Monday, Nov 15

Key West Beaches are located in Florida in the southernmost point and has become known as a very popular vacation destination for all ages.

The various beaches provide for various needs and are known to be some of the best in the Atlantic ocean. Ranging from family beaches to natural beaches, spa and hotel beaches for adults only.

The beaches offer beautiful sand beaches, spectacular views, rentals, food trucks, free parking, water sport rentals, volleyball courts, activity filled resorts, nature trails, shallow water, coral reefs, tropical fish, and natural beauty.

Key West is also home of the famous duval street. If you’re looking to head out for an excursion we recommend hitting up one of these 10 best beaches near key west Florida.

1. Smathers Beach

Smathers Beach

Smathers Beach is located just a stones throw from the cruise ships docked in Key West.

Smathers Beach has been voted as one of the 10 best beaches near key west Florida by USA Today, TripAdvisor and many other national publications.

This beach is key west’s largest beach. Smathers beach offers food trucks, water sport rentals, and beach chairs. Ammenities include:

  • Beach volleyball nets
  • Jet ski rentals
  • Restrooms
  • Shower facilities
  • Volleyball courts

Smathers beach is one of the largest in Key West and is well known and popular, especially for spring break getaways.

2. South Beach

South Beach Florida Key West

South Beach Florida is also one of the 10 best beaches near key west Florida. It’s located in Key West and offers beautiful views of the ocean, but it is only accessible by boat or you can swim there.

This sandy beach has many positive vacation attributes. Attractions include:

  • Beach chair rentals
  • Coconut bar
  • Food stands
  • Restrooms

South Beach is also known for its chain stores, fashion shops, outdoor cafe’s, architecture, and various museums.

The nightlife in south beach attracts the young and adventurous but there are plenty of activities for family fun as well.

Going hand in hand with the night life, south beach is home to Duval street. Duval street is commonly known for a party epicenter. Duval street has become popular among tourists and locals alike.

Another attraction in the area is white street pier, located about 8 blocks from Duval Street.

3. Higgs Beach

Higgs beach near me

Higgs Beach Florida is located on the west end of Key West. This beach is popular for families with children looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of South Beach.

This public beach is lined with palm trees, this beach provides shade and beauty as well as other great attractions. Attractions include:

  • Beach chair rentals
  • Food stands
  • Shower facilities

Higgs beach is known for its smaller size, more relaxed atmosphere, and it typically has more swimmers in the water due to the calmer waves.

The best time to visit Higgs beach is typically in the morning, around 10am or early afternoon before 5pm when swimmers are most prevalent.

Although Higgs Beach is not as popular, it still offers beautiful white sand beaches, and clear blue water.

Higgs beach is also home to the west martello tower. The west martello tower offers an amazing look into history and was constructed during the American Civil War.

4. Fort Zachary Taylor Beach

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach Key West

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach Florida is located just a short walk from Key West and is home to Fort Zachary Taylor Historical Monument.

It offers beautiful views of the ocean and Fort Zachary Taylor, which was constructed in anticipation of war with Mexico during the mid-1800’s. Attractions include:

  • Beach access
  • Coconuts bar & grill
  • Grill food stands

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach also proivdes scenic nature trails such as the Sand Hog Trail and Fort View Trial.

This natural beach also offers great snorkeling with ground coral surrounding the beaches.

The ground coral is home to a lot of marine life that makes for an exciting beach visit. Water shoes are recommended to prevent injury from the prevalent ground coral.

5. Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park Key West

Bahia Honda State Park is located about 30-miles from Key West and offers some of the most mesmerizing beach views around the world.

This vast expanse of sugar white sand, soft waters and spectacular campgrounds where you are willing to pitch your tent and camp for the night.

Snorkels can instantly spot rays and small reef fish, barracudas and the tiny nurse shark.

Or beach goers can choose to enjoy the ocean breeze from the beach.

The only known existence of the Miami Blue Butterfly who was once known to be extinct was established in 1999 in the park.

There is also an easy access boat ramp where visitors can start their boat for free to the State Parks for the first time.

Keep in mind when visiting this outstanding State Park that it does fill up fast and has been known to close down when it hits maximum capacity.

6. Dry Tortugas Beach

Dry Tortugas Beach Key West 

Dry Tortugas Beach Florida is located about 70-miles from Key West.

It’s a beautiful island with a small beach and a fort that has been labeled as one of the best places to snorkel in the world due to its rich seas life and calm waters.

The beaches are clear and shallow with beautiful sand beaches. Dry Tortugas Beach is also home to Fort Jefferson National Park which offers an incredible insight to America’s early history.

Fort Jefferson acted as an advantage post for ships patrolling the gulf. Attractions include:

  • Beach access
  • Fort Jefferson

There are only a few activities at this beach because it is not accessible by car.

The best way to visit this island is by boat or ferry, rented kayak or even snorkeling gear. If you make the trip however it will be well worth your time and money spent.

7. Rest Beach


Rest Beach Florida is located about 80-miles from Key West and is also known as Bahia Honda State Park Beach.

It’s a private beach where you have to pay an entrance fee, but it offers beautiful views of the ocean and easy access for families with children.

The best time to visit this beach is on a weekday because on the weekends this area tends to get crowded. Attractions include:

  • Beach access
  • Food stands
  • Campsites bathrooms showers

There are also opportunities to rent a kayak or jet ski while visiting this beach. This is the perfect place for families with children who want to get away from busy beaches in Key West.

The water tends to be calmer here than other places around the island. This beach receives four stars overall.

Rating its cleanliness, water quality, and overall reviews.

8. Dog Beach

Dog Beach Near Me

Dog Beach Florida is located about 10-miles from Key West and offers up a fun place to take your furry family member for a swim.

This beach is a local favorite spot because there are no crowds of people, no loud noises and the water tends to be more calm.

The beach is public however, so just remember that not everyone here loves dogs like you do. Attractions include:

  • No entrance fee
  • Dog friendly beach
  • Public restroom

There are times where the water can get rough so it’s important to watch your dog as they swim in the waves.

It is a fun place with a family atmosphere where all you have to bring is your towel and sunscreen.

Charter boats also drop off this beach for snorkeling and fishing.

9. Barbary Beach House Key West

Barbary Beach House Key West

Barbary Beach House Key West is located about 3-miles from Key West and offers the perfect beach view for any party or day trip.

Not only can you lay out and tan, but you can even order drinks right on the beach to make it a stress free environment to catch those rays.

It is a clothing optional island where swimming suits are not permitted as well as drugs, alcohol or food.

There are no restrooms here either, so if you plan to spend the day it’s important to remember that.

The best way to visit this beach is by boat and offers up a deluxe hotel like experience for an affordable price. Attractions include:

  • Beach front hotel resort
  • Cabanas available
  • Hotel service

There are even food and drinks available right on the beach. If you plan to visit this beach it is important to check in before noon because there are limited spaces for reservation housing.

If you don’t have a reservation then you have the option of day passes if spots are still available.

This would be great for anyone looking for an adult getaway with no children allowed.

10. Casa Marina Resort And Beach

Casa Marina Resort and Beach Near Me

Casa Marina is the perfect beach destination for beach sports, spa treatments, exquisite dining and plenty of history.

Waldorf Astoria boasts the only private beach on Key West.

The resort is not far from the Key West Area and most of Key West’s other attractions like Ernest Hemingway Home / Museum Truman Little White House and the Audubon Room.

Don’t forget about having a drink at Sloppy Joe’s and taking trolley tours along key West’s biggest attractions like the historic Conch Cottage and the historic Conch Cottage.

The Higgs Memorial Beach Park lies directly adjacent the resort. This beach also provides great jet skiing to see more marine life.

The actual beach is not near as large as other beaches near key west, but the views are still spectacular.

This Resort and beach provide a memorable beach vacation.

More noteworthy beaches near Key West include mallory square, and anne’s beach.

If you are wanting to know more about other amazing vacation guides, take a look at destinations travel guide for your travel guide needs.

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