Aruba Cruises

8 of the Top cruises to Aruba, and what to expect

Published Friday, Jul 23

The beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba is a popular destination for cruises and tourists.

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or have been many times before, there are always new things to do in this tropical paradise.

In this blog post we will share everything that cruisers need to know about cruises to Aruba, and offer our top 8 cruises from around the world!

If this is your first trip to Aruba, be sure to check out our ten quick tips for your first visit to Aruba too!

1. Royal Caribbean Cruises to Aruba

Aruba Cruises

Royal Caribbean cruises are a great option for cruisers that want to experience the beauty of this island.

There is an extensive array of itineraries and destinations available on Royal Caribbean, but they all stop in at least one port in Aruba during their voyage.

Royal Caribbean offers many fun excursions in Aruba like snorkeling, whale watching, or cruises to private islands.

Most cruises leave out of Puerto Rico, Miami, or Barbados giving lots of port options for different schedules and budgets but no European cruise ports available.

Royal Caribbean cruises are a great option for cruisers that want a comfortable and fun vacation on the beautiful shores of Aruba!

2. Celebrity Cruises to Aruba

Celebrity Cruises to Aruba

Celebrity cruises are known for their luxury and attention to detail.

They offer cruises that visit many different destinations around the world, including Aruba!

Unlike Royal Caribbean cruises where you have an itinerary before booking a cruise, with Celebrity Cruises, cruisers can customize every aspect of their vacation from dining choices to shore excursions.

One of the great things about celebrity cruises is how you can enjoy them as a family or couple because they cater to children too!

For cruisers that want an adult-only vacation, they also offer cruises to private islands where children are not permitted.

One of the most popular Celebrity Cruises Caribbean excursions is to the world-famous Curacao Sea Aquarium.

Curacao Sea Aquarium is a must-see for cruisers that like to explore and get up close with the amazing sea life in this region.

It is right on the beach allowing you to see the fish in their natural habitats. People of all ages will love it!

Celebrity cruises are a great option for cruisers that want to experience Aruba in luxury and comfort!

3. Carnival Cruises to Aruba

Carnival Cruises to Aruba

Carnival cruises are perfect for cruisers that want to experience Aruba through the lens of a party atmosphere.

Carnival Cruises offer cruises with lots of fun onboard activities like kid’s clubs, live music venues and nightly entertainment.

One thing we love about Carnival Cruises is how they bring families together by providing kid-friendly areas where children can play while their parents enjoy themselves too.

It’s not unusual for adult couples or families traveling without children to also choose this cruise option though, as it provides an opportunity for people from all walks of life to experience cruises in Aruba.

Another great thing about Carnival Cruises is they offer cruises that head out from both the United States and Europe, so there’s something for everyone!

Carnival cruises are perfect for cruisers who want a fun vacation on the shores of Aruba with lots of onboard entertainment!

Carnival also offers excursions at the Aruban port including snorkeling cruises and tours of the island where you will get to see all the beauty Aruba has to offer including gorgeous white sand beaches and the stunning Aruba Casino.

4. Norwegian Cruise Line Cruises to Aruba

Norwegian Cruise Line Cruises to Aruba

Norwegian Cruise Line offers cruises that are for the more laid-back cruiser.

It is a great option for cruisers who want to lounge around and enjoy sun bathing, wading in the pools or drinking at the bars while taking in amazing views on their vacation.

Norwegian Cruises are known for their unique onboard entertainment.

Norwegian ships have so much to do on board you will never get bored!

Their ships have live music, comedy shows and casinos to keep cruisers entertained. But that’s not all!

The newer and bigger Norwegian ships have unique experiences for their cruisers like laser tag and race tracks!

Norwegian cruises also offer the option of dining in your own cabin, so you can save time by not having to wait in line at different restaurants on board or be thrown together at a table with other cruisers!

Norwegian Cruise Line is a great choice if you want an affordable cruise without sacrificing any amenities!

Norwegian Cruise Line Cruises are perfect if you’re after affordable cruising without sacrificing luxury!

5. Disney Cruise Lines Cruises to Aruba

Disney Cruise Lines Cruises to Aruba

Disney Cruises offer cruisers a vacation that will make them feel like they’re in Disneyland!

Kids of all ages love Disney cruises because it offers so many great activities for children and adults alike onboard their ships!

One thing we love about the kids’ facilities on board these ships is how spacious they are – there’s ample space for parents to go relax while the little ones have some fun, without being crowded or feeling confined.

Onboard Disney ships there are also an abundance of different food options available which is perfect if you want variety when deciding where to eat while cruising!

Disney Cruise Lines Cruises are popular with families as well as couples who enjoy dining at nice restaurants without having to share tables with other cruisers!

A nice thing about cruising with Disney to Aruba is that cruisers can choose cruises that depart from the United States and cruises departing from Europe.

That means there is something for everyone!
One Disney cruise ship that travels to Aruba is called the Disney Wonder.

This ship is full of cruisers’ favorite amenities like a movie theater, an arcade and plenty of dining options.

The seven-day itinerary offered has a perfect balance between time on shore and time on board.

With stops at Bonaire, Curacao, Antigua and of course Aruba you will get to see all the Caribbean has to offer.

And for those more interested in the ship, there are two days at sea as well where you can relax and enjoy the many amenities on board.

Disney Cruises are perfect if you want a fun vacation on the white sand shores of Aruba without sacrificing luxury onboard!

Disney has everything to keep cruisers entertained with live music, comedy shows, kids clubs and game nights while still offering plenty of adult-only areas where people traveling without children or looking for quiet time can enjoy themselves too.

Cruising with Disney is perfect if you’re after an experience like no other!

6. Princess Cruises to Aruba

Princess Cruises to Aruba

Princess Cruises offer cruisers a luxurious experience onboard their cruises where guests can enjoy all the amenities you could want.

One of the many major benefits to cruising with Princess is that they provide more opportunities for shore excursions than other cruise lines, which means there’s something for everyone!

If snorkeling is what you are looking for, Aruba has some of the best snorkeling in the world! With bright blue, clear water it will be an unforgettable experience!

You can also take a shuttle to Arikok National Park where you will see flamingos, iguanas and Galapagos tortoises!

Arikok National Park is famous for its swimming holes, large rock formations, and beautiful hikes and is a great spot to visit while cruising in Aruba.

Princess Cruises offer cruisers the chance to visit more than one island on their cruises.

With a seven-day itinerary, cruisers will get to experience Bonaire and Curacao as well as Antigua before reaching Aruba.

Princess Cruise Lines are perfect if you want Caribbean cruising at its finest – many call it “the world’s most beautiful fleet of ships”.

The Empress of the Seas is the cruise ship which sails directly to Aruba and it is full of entertainment and excitement to keep anyone and everyone entertained during their vacation!

7. Regent Cruise Line Cruises to Aruba

Regent Cruise Line Cruises to Aruba

Regent Cruise Line offers cruisers a more luxurious experience without sacrificing any of the amenities you want.

The Regent Seven Seas is one of their cruise ships that travels to Aruba and it offers cruisers an itinerary with two days at sea which will provide plenty of time for relaxation before they reach Aruba on day four.

Onboard this ship there are five restaurants all with different cuisines available – so if you’re someone who likes variety, then this could be perfect!

The entertainment onboard these ships also includes Broadway-style shows as well as live music performances in many bars throughout the evening hours.

If you enjoy specialty dining experiences while cruising, cruise with Regent Cruise Line because they have some amazing options like the French restaurant, La Reserve.

If cruisers want a more active vacation then Regent Cruise Lines are perfect for you because there is always something to do on these cruises!

With plenty of sports options available and spa treatments to enjoy as well, cruisers will never be bored when they cruise with Regent Line.

8. Holland America Line Cruises to Aruba

Holland America Line Cruises to Aruba

Holland America cruises are perfect for cruisers who want to have an active vacation with plenty of things to do.

The cruise ship which sails directly from Aruba is called the Westerdam and it offers cruisers a seven-night itinerary with stops at Bonaire, Curacao, Antigua and finally Aruba before returning back home again.

With lots of onshore options available Holland America cruises will make sure that you never run out of things to do!

Cruising with Holland America also means there’s always something exciting happening onboard too – perhaps your kids will be excited for one or more of the many children’s activities where they’re able to learn new skills while having fun!

If luxury is what you’re after then this could be your best choice!

Cruising with Holland America Line will provide cruisers with all sorts of perks which they don’t always offer such as complimentary laundry service, room service included in the price of their cruise fare, free internet access at sea and many more!

Holland America’s ships are also well known for being environmentally friendly so if environmentalism is important to you then cruising with one them might be perfect.

Aruba is a wonderful place to cruise to! With excursions like pirate themed snorkeling, sunset cocktail cruises, paddle boarding tours, trips to Arikok National Park and more cruisers will never get bored while visiting this island!

The best time of year to cruise to Aruba is during the off-peak season in November or December.

This is when cruisers will find bargains on cruises and hotels as well as less crowds to enjoy their visit!

Cruising to Aruba is a wonderful way to escape the cold and get your sun fix in.

With cruises available from all over, you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

If you have more vacation questions be sure to check out Destinations Travel Guide!

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